Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do we need to have our senior pictures done by the photographer that the school has a contract with?

A. There is a difference between senior portraits and a year book picture. Most schools have a photographer you take your son or daughter to for the yearbook photo. Go to this person and have a head shot done for the yearbook. You are NOT REQUIRED to make a purchase from the yearbook photographer. You can select where you want to take your son or daughter for “real” senior portraits.

Q. What is the difference between the yearbook studio, and a high quality portrait session with Scott Photography?

A. Yearbook studios photograph hundreds of kids each year at the lowest possible cost. Many employ “photographers” that have little or no formal training. They can’t possibly provide the expertise or the time required to produce high caliber photographs of your son or daughter. Seniors should plan on a three to four hour session with Chuck. We do not charge our sessions on an hourly basis because this hurries the session when it’s close to the “ending” time.

Q. All of the girls on your website look perfect, what if I want my daughter’s portraits to look more “natural”?

A. Several of the girls photographed have had a professional make-up session done prior to their senior session. The combination of professional make-up and our Signature Retouching techniques allow our senior girls to look amazing. If you or your daughter prefers a more natural look, just let us know and we’ll accommodate you. The end result will be portraits that “look like she does naturally”. We still recommend professional make-up, just tell your make-up artist/consultant that you want a natural look. If you would like us to refer a make-up artist, we can do that as well.

Q. Great! I would love to have senior pictures of my son or daughter from Scott Photography - now can I afford it?

A. The answer to this question depends on how much you value your portraits. Like any other premium product, we won’t be the least expensive option. Although, we will certainly be the best value. Remember, the portraits that Scott Photography creates will provide a lifetime of enjoyment!

Q. My son/daughter participates in sports and other activities. They have a lot of outfits, what do you recommend for him or her?

A. Seniors involved with activities at school or have other special interests usually need more time for their session – this is why we offer an extra session. Your senior can pick another time within one year to be photographed doing anything they choose. Sports activities, a job, band, hobby or theater are popular as well as seasonal pictures.

Q. Can I save some money by scanning some of my portraits that I have purchased from Scott Photography and have them printed at the mega store, or print them myself? “After all, they are mine and I’ve already purchased them”.

A. All photographs purchased and/or created by Scott Photography are copyrighted. It is a federal crime to scan, re-create or copy our images. Scott Photography realizes it is not the paper that costs money, it is the time and creativity used in putting that image on the paper. Once you have purchased a portrait, additional copies of the same image are reasonably priced. When you purchase your prints from us, you get the added benefit of the finest paper, with the best raw materials to last a lifetime. We make sure the color, contrast, and finish are the best we can provide. The machines that produce prints at local super stores are not calibrated for professional photographers. The machines will add too much contrast and color saturation for our images. The worst thing you can do is print the images at home where no color management exists and the prints will fade and discolor in as little as a couple of months. If the person matters enough for you to give them one of your portraits, they should matter enough to get a “real” portrait finished and quality inspected by Scott Photography and the professional lab that Chuck uses.